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About Re-Vent Air


Our mission is simple. To help New Zealanders measure and improve their Indoor Air Quality.

We believe everyone deserves a deep breath of fresh purified air, wherever you are indoors, be it at home, at the office or in a public space.

Studies have shown indoor air quality to be typically 5 x worse or more polluted than outdoor air. We want to help change this in New Zealand. We are doing this by providing a one stop shop of world class solutions for monitoring, purifying and ventilating indoor spaces for the health and wellbeing of all.

Breathe. Easy.

The Re-Vent Team.

How we improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Measurement.
Monitoring and Data
Ventilation and Air Purification

You can only improve what you can measure. Talk to us about the latest in IAQ measurement systems, from one room to an entire facility. Standalone or integrated with your building management system

Use Re-Vent Air's systems to monitor in real time. All data collected and stored for analysis. Use to manage specific areas or individual units. Provides and up to date insight on air quality in your orginisation for management and improvment.

Re-Vent provide complete ventilation systems from simple extract fans to Air purification units which can be installed in a room and provide filtered, fresh air heated as required.

HRV/ERV Systems

Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery Ventilation systems are the most efficient way to consistently provide fresh air into a building whilst reusing the energy already used to heat or cool the area. Talk to us about your options.

Solutions for Home

Complete fresh air solutions for home. Smart wireless monitoring solutions with easy installation. Contact us for a complete solution.

Education and Healthcare

B2B solutions for institutions, larger commercial buildings and healthcare. Integrate all your air quality monitoring needs in one simple solution with centralised reporting and dashboards Contact us today.

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