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measuring CO2 in retail

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Re-Vent Air solution for cafes, restaurants and hospitality venues. Options include the Aranet4 HOME which can be displayed via the display APP(pictured) or Aranet4 PRO which can be displayed through a Public monitor link - more details below.

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Aranet Public Monitor

Want to reassure your clients that your indoor venue is safe to visit?



Introducing Aranet Public CO2 Monitor – a public URL that lets you share air quality information directly with anyone interested in visiting your premises. Whether it’s a café, restaurant, supermarket, gym, or some other indoor space, Aranet Public CO2 Monitor allows you to show that the air quality inside your venue is optimal and the risk of COVID-19 is reduced.



How does it work? Once you’ve set up your Aranet ecosystem, simply create an Aranet Public CO2 Monitor link.

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