Air Duct

HVAC control and
Building E

Take your building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning to the next level of efficiency and cost savings by utilising our wireless connected sensors.


By getting accurate data over time periods, you can save potentially thousands of dollars, as well as ensuring the air quality and comfort is at a premium for your customers and staff

What our sensors can measure
  • Temperature

  • CO2 levels

  • Relative Humidty

  • Atmospheric pressure

  • Differential pressure.

  • Hour Meters

  • And more.


Re-Vent Air temperature and humidity monitoring solutions allow remote viewing, analysing and comparing of the data ensuring the best quality control and adaptable settings for each client’s needs. Set different alert thresholds for all the sensors and receive warnings via E-mail any time of the day.

Our systems can handle multiple locations and 100's of sensors all able to be viewed set and adjusted on a simple cloud dashboard.

benefits of measuring your indoor air quality


Fresh air is effective in reducing the spread of the virus. Stay safe by ensuring the CO2 levels in your system are within recommended settings. Receive alerts when action required.


Monitor and review your data to optimise building management systems for increased efficiency. Sensors can be integrated into existing software and BMS


Ensure the quality of air for staff and customers. Fresh air is essential for reducing spread of viruses and good cognitive functioning


View all your data from all your locations and sensors anytime from anywhere. Accurate reports and historic data for your compliance records.

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Complete connected solutions

The ARANET System gives total flexibility and control

Simple connected solutions allowing you to view and record data from all your sensors in one place. The base station comes with built in software which can be viewed on your computer. Alternatively connect to the Aranet cloud for increased functionality and the ability for multiple users to view data and receive alerts from any location.