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Maico Ventilation Germany

Maico Germany manufacture high performance mechanical heat recovery ventilation products for the global market. Innovative technology, high quality and outstanding design are the cornerstones of the product and brand philosophy of the long-standing family-owned company. Ever since 1928 Maico Elektroapparate-Fabrik GmbH has been supplying wholesalers, tradesmen, architects, planners, building management companies, firms and individuals with modern, efficient technology. Re-Vent Air is pleased to be NZ supplier of Maico High Performance MVHR systems.

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Maico WS Range

The Maico WS range is the perfect choice for ventilation in healthy and sustainable homes. Certified for Passive House standards, it is super efficient and provides up to 90% plus heat recovery, making it the perfect choice for an energy efficient home. This range is suitable for all sizes and types of homes, making it the ideal choice for a ventilation system that will keep your home healthy and energy-efficient.

Decentralised Heat Recovery Units

The Maico Push Pull HRV is a decentralised ventilation system that provides superior air quality to any home. Up to six units can be connected to one controller to work in synch, making installation simple. Inbuilt sensors and an intuitive user interface allow for easy installation and let your home breathe. Enjoy fresher air with the Maico Push Pull HRV.

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WS 75 Powerbox

The Maico WS 75 Powerbox is an efficient ventilation system with heat recovery, perfect for apartments, hotel rooms, rest homes and retirement units. It is a highly flexible system that can be installed as either a centralised or decentralised unit and is simple and easy to install. With its low sound levels and high-efficiency heat recovery, the Maico WS 75 Powerbox is an ideal solution for any ventilation requirements.

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