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Your healthy ventilated home and workspace,
by Re-Vent Air.

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Benefits of Re-Vent Ventilation Systems

• Drier - moist inside air is removed and replaced with fresh, filtered, drier outside air, reducing condensation and moisture in furnishings.

• Fresher - stale, smelly inside air is removed and filtered outside air is introduced.

• Cleaner - the introduced outside air is filtered to remove contaminants, while inside air is removed.

• Warmer - up to 80% of the warmth from the stale inside air is transferred to the incoming air. Other ventilation systems have no transfer of heat. For cooling situations the same applies.

• Healthier - fresher, cleaner, warmer, drier air is healthier for your family as well as your home and furnishings. The filtered incoming air reduces allergens and contaminants.

• Cheaper to run - because of the transfer of heat, there are energy cost savings over traditional domestic ventilation systems. The same applies for cooling.

• Securer - fresh air is circulating even when windows and doors are closed.

• Quieter - reduces external noise as windows can stay closed. The system also uses acoustic insulated ducting for quieter operation.

Tired of condensation, mould, and stale air? Worried about air contamination, pollen and dust?

Needing to manage Co2 levels for concentration and staff wellbeing?

Wanting to ensure a safe, productive environment for your staff and clients at work?

Talk to us today. Re-Vent can help with a full range of ventilation solutions, whether its adapting and advising on your current system or installing a new balanced pressure heat recovery ventilation system or anything in between.

Call us today.


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